Wordless{ish} Wednesday...for Fashion Week!

in honor of Fashion Week over at Momma Go Round, i'm trying something new. something i would probably never do. i'm taking a leap into the fashion realm. i'm wearing red heels.

i'd definitely say my "style" is more comfy and practical. when i dress up, it's for a reason. i've actually never worn these red heels because they were a bit too big. but because i need to be fearless in the fashion department, i wore them. and..get this...i wore them to the hospital for bella's peds appointment!! of course i had to do a million other things in the hospital today so i was there for about three hours. and my feet were killing me! normally, i'd wear my flats or even my converse. and the wedge heel wasn't uncomfortable, but the fact that they were a bit too big and kept slipping off AND my toes kept rubbing on the side [because i have wide feet]...meh. slightly uncomfortable.

BUT- i took a chance. and had more than a few guys turning their heads while i pushed my stroller and rocked my red heels!! so today was a success. i took a fashion risk and it paid off.

now someone come rub my feet please!
red heels: gifted from friend
flower ring: f21
pearl ring: gifted from mama

Momma Go Round


  1. Love the shoes!! Red is certainly a statement color.

  2. I love me some red shoes. Nice going, lady!


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