BBCSea: more awesomeness, wine, and lots of stepping & repeating.

i assume you listened to me when i prompted you HERE to go eat, right?

so where was i?

oh right! the awesomeness that was bloggy bootcamp seattle style! i can't reiterate over and over again just how awesome the weekend was. i learned so much. i never felt overwhelmed. true, i do want to try everything but i know there is just a better way to do it rather than jump right in and go for it, ykwim? i'm still working on finding my "voice"...but i have a better idea on how to do that thanks to this conference. now onto more of the awesome speakers...

i am KICKING myself right now for accidentally using the wrong lens for this picture. 
these two amazeballs ladies are Mamakat and Danae again!!
these gorgeous ladies talked about writing and content on your blog.
more specifically, narrative ark. 
or is it arc? meh. i don't know!
they made something that usually gives me a headache, TOTALLY easy to understand.
and i hope i do them proud. 
follow their tweets: 
Danae: @fedexmylife
Kat: @mamakatslosinit

oh hai Marlynn. 
this little bundle of awesome-sauce is Marlynn Schotland.
psst- she borrowed my phone charger during the conference. 
we connected via twitter when she called out for tech help. lol
yea..i'm cool now.

anyone who knows me knows that i tend to pile a lot of stuff on my plate at once. i forget that despite calling myself a super mom, i'm not really one. at least...i'll never be as super as i'd like to be. she spoke all about finding peace within the chaos. and Lord knows, i could use a bit of that. especially as a mom of two.  she made it okay for me to be a piler rather than a filer...as long as the piles make sense to me! and she made it okay to put MY priorities first, not the ones that society tells us we should have. thanks Marlynn. you rocked it! oh and your kiddos are just too cute for words! 
follow her tweets: @designmama

it was around this time that i had to bolt out of the conference room and go pump. lol. so i apologize for the things i missed. i had only pumped a little bit waaaay early in the day and at this point, i had lumps the size of kentucky in my bra. trust me...not a good look friends. BUT- i haz photos.

**let me apologize in advance for the horrificness of the quality of these pictures.
 i really need to learn how to edit flash photos.**

Dave Mirassou and I.
 yep, his family is the oldest wine making family in the country.
i pretty much LOVE his wine.
{can't you tell by the obviously tipsy look i'm rocking here?}
check out his fb page: HERE

ZOMG! It's me and Jenny {from the spot!}
follow her tweets: @jennyonthespot

omg. omg. it's Tiffany Romero! 
she's super pretty. and her voice is like BUTTAH on the mic. 
follow her tweets: @TiffanyRom

me and Stasha. 
okay, i swear i've met her somewhere before. is it just me ?
and we took some funny pictures at the wine tasting/after party.
follow her tweets: @NorthWestMommy

stasha & rachel from and then, she {snapped}
rachel- tiffany-kerri

the bravest men alive!! lol

seriously...one of the best weekends of my life.
second only to THIS one.

if there's a conference within 200miles of your hometown...i HIGHLY suggest you go.
seriously. it was the best decision i made regarding this blog.
AND i met some of the coolest ladies this side of the mississippi! 

Thanks again to the sponsors:

and of course,

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