this post brought to you courtesy of my Sony Bloggie!

as i may or may or may not have mentioned before, i went to this little gathering of awesome sauce bloggers. bloggy bootcamp? sound familiar? and while the whole day was absolutely amazing and oh-so fun...THE best part was when i won a Sony Bloggie!!

yah! that's me and Kimberly! 

so how this all happened...starts with business cards. if you follow my tweets, {which you can do from this blog, btw..look to the right} you'd see that i was mildly freaking out about making sure i had business cards for this event. the hubs and i managed to get them printed and cut {by hand} the night before. *whew*

at the event, they were giving away three of these bad boys. one at lunch and two at the end of the day. SITS was giving away two of them and SONY was giving away one of their own. well, jokingly while pulling winners for the ones given away by SITS, i kept saying my name out loud...you know- speaking my destiny and all. at one point, the winners name started with a 'K' and i almost freaked out.

well then, the SONY reps came forward and had Tiffany pick out one of the business cards from a box. i'd entered my card in, but didn't think i'd actually win...considering i NEVER win anything. she pulled out a name and it wasn't mine. BUT that person wasn't there. {tip: NEVER leave bbc early. you'll miss out on prizes!} she pulled another name and i saw it was a white card...like mine. i said my name once more, jokingly. and then...SHE SAID IT!

my jaw dropped and i said..a lot more loudly than i planned..."ARE YOU SERIOUS?" ...ahh good times.

i pretty much LOVE this thing. i was totally envious when i saw it on the tables at lunch and when i'd heard people talking about having one. i figured the hubs would NEVER allow me to buy one for myself, unless we had a ton of extra money lying around. so i'm super excited and thrilled that i was able to win one!! so without further ado....a video. of my son. NEKKID. and playing drums....{aka..totally kicking justin bieber's butt. bc..um MY son can play drums before he's two. sucka.}


*oh. and let me apologize in advance. letting my win this thing opened up a can of worms!
there'll be a LOT more vlogs on this here blog. you have been warned!!*

oh. AND this little beaut takes pictures. 


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