happy twenty-fifth birthday hubs!

yesterday we celebrated charlie's twenty-fifth birthday. since about nine thirty the night before i'd been telling him that he's super old, joking i need to get him a walker or a cane, calling him elderly.....when it's my turn, i'm in for it. lol sadly he had to work overnight so he didn't get home until seven am. i did call him shortly after midnight to wish him a happy birthday, though.

first thing we did was sleep. he went to the couch since the kiddos and i were taking over the bed. shortly, i shimmied my way out of bed and snuggled next to him on the couch until the kiddos woke up around ten thirty.. then we all snuggled until eleven.

{via instagram}

then one of our lovely friends we've made through our awesome church, lake city or LC3 as i call it, offered to watch the kiddos for free today. yes, FREE. she's amazing. she also came to visit bella and i when we were at children's hospital. THANKS A TON, KARMA! so we dropped off mister a and miss b and headed over to the movie theatre to see Harry Potter. 

 holy dirty mirror, batman.
the birf-day boy.

and what's an outing without some outfit pick-chuhs right?

and ZOMG. the theatre redid their seating and they had plush leather RECLINERS for us to sit in. THE ENTIRE THEATRE! it was amazing! like, we literally LAID. DOWN. and watched the movie. maybe they do this for other cities? but here in lakewood...yea they're guaranteed to get my business! lol plus i heard they do $5 tickets if you go before noon on the weekends...UM. PRETTY SURE, I'M ALL OVER THIS!

can you sense the excitement?

{oh. and yes, harry potter had me in tears. tears of JOY. i kept forgetting it's not real. lol and i was called a nerd on twitter for it. lol}

from there we went over to The Melting Pot! neither the hubs or i had ever been so we were really excited about it.

call me crazy, but moscato might be my fave drink now.

and SCORE! we ate at the bar because the restaurant wasn't open yet and got our cheese and one salad for half off! same with our drinks! and because we sat at a booth, we could have an individual entree with one free salad. yea..talk about a great deal.

i honestly think i'm going to try duplicating this fondue thing. you know, cooking your own food in a boiling pot of broth...that sounds easy enough, right?

just as i took my last bite of food, karma called and was outside the restaurant with the kiddos! perfect timing! so we paid and went home. it was still kind of warm out so we pulled out the pool and let austin splash around a bit!

cool, huh?

oh and so these random dirt piles keep popping up in our backyard. like rachel's. 
someone wanna come figure out what it is?
because i'm terrified. lol

and to cap off our birthday extravaganza....we went through the drive thru at DQ. 

where i bought a mini cookie dough blizzard, ate half, and felt sick the rest of the night.
i'm lactose intolerant. 

kiranda FAIL.

{did ya make it through the WHOLE post? if so...*takesoffhat* my hat is off to you!}

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