how i went from cookie dough to sweating like a pig.

{via my EXTREMEfitness board on pinterest}

if any of you follow me on Pinterest, then you've probably seen me pinning some fitness stuff for inspiration. and you've probably seen this pin of mine. 

and if you are a friend of mine on facebook, then you saw me post about wanting some chocolate chip cookie dough literally SECONDS after posting wanting to work out. see?! self sabotage at it's finest!

BUT- i didn't give in. i'm stronger than my food cravings. the first thing i wanted was some fitness so i gave my body what it wanted. THIS- the world's fastest workout! 

as i was reading it, i didn't think i'd actually break a sweat, but um...i'm here to tell you that i have sweat pools forming in places there shouldn't BE sweat, okay! and it only took four minutes! FOUR MINUTES, FRIENDS! oh. em. gee. i can squeeze four minutes in WHENEVER, WHEREVER, AND NO MATTER WHAT! i can't think of any excuse to keep me from doing this. so even if i don't feel like doing a workout dvd or going to the gym, or even popping down for some sit-ups and push-ups...i can do this. you can bet there'll be some fitness going down every single day here at my house. lol

seriously, try it! it's awesome. although i recommend having someone there to hold you accountable and watch your form. i tried to rest about 3-5 times during this and charlie kept screaming at me to keep going. lol

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