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hey oh hey oh hey! 

we're finally back from our week long vacation!!

who doesn't love a last minute roadtrip, right?

in any case, we're home. my husband is finally home too from air assault school. and we're slowly getting back into the swing of things. this includes... {duh duh duuuuh} my going back to work for a little bit. not regularly...still part-time..but this means being away from my behbehs. BUT..this also means making a few dollars. and who doesn't love money?! 

i just wanted to give you a quick update:

for starters, mommyhood has a new dotcom name. welcome to www.mommyhood-blog.com YAH! i've been going back and forth on trying to find a decent blog url that didn't make me cringe and after realizing that the two i wanted we're up for sale for two years {what sucks is that they're not even being used!!} i just happened to search for mommyhood {DASH} blog and it was available! i own this baby for two years so YEA! *insert fistpump here*. all that being said, if you need to change any links...get tah changin! oh and also, if you happen to come across any links here that don't work, PLEASE shoot me an email and let me know! i'm new to this dotcom change thing so there might be kinks in the system. 

also! i've added a new feature on the sidebar...it tells you which posts are coming soon. no, i'm not drafting and scheduling posts! i just don't have that kind of time and i enjoy the creativity that comes with crafting posts at random! lol. BUT- this is a reminder for ME on which things i want to share with you all AND it lets you know what's coming. as a person who HATES surprises...yea, i'm looking out for you too.

well. those are all of my unimportant announcements for now. i've gotta unpack and get things organized and i've got LOTS to share. i took over 1500 pictures last week {just in the first few days...my battery died before the weekend was over} so be on the lookout for a photo dump! lol

and just because...
for serious, where did this little big boy come from?

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