aren't i too old for this?

shoot me in the face.

i'm 24 and have been battling an ear infection the last two days. talk about miserable. no wonder kids are virtually inconsolable when they have one. thankfully austin has only had one and bella hasn't had any. now i feel their pain and i pray to God they never have to deal with this. oh and me too. because i'm a big baby.
i feel like i'm deaf in one ear and just a few hours ago, it feel like it spread to my other ear. and if it has, i'm going to lose my mind!! i called to make an appointment with my PCM on tuesday but the soonest appointment is next week. WTF?! and i'm not doing another 6hr stint in the emergency waiting room with two babies by myself. nope, no sir. 

i've been trying some homeopathic remedies like breastmilk in the ear, hot compresses and they've helped. i'm about to try some garlic and olive oil too. but ibuprofen has been my saving grace. i take some every few hours and the pain goes away and i can function like a normal human again. 

and this morning, i yawned and felt like a stretching, pulling, painful sensation! wtheck was that?! i don't even know. but i'm going to lay down. will someone come punch me in the face so i can get distracted from this pain?

pretty please?


  1. That's the worst. I hope you get better soon!! New follower stopping by from Follower's Fest. Stop by and give us a visit some time :)



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