chicken tortilla soup....thanks to the Pioneer Woman!

the other night the fam went to Red Robin and instead of my usual clam chowder i tried the chicken tortilla soup. and it was AMAZE-BALLS. so then i went to school yesterday and they had it in the cafeteria. i tried it and added some cilantro to it. AMAZE-BALLS. so much so, that i had another bowl to bring home and chair with charlie. needless to say...i'm on a chicken tortilla soup craze.

so what do you think i made for dinner tonight? YOU'VE GOT IT- amaze-balls chicken tortilla soup.

i googled a recipe and saw that the Pioneer Woman and my idol, Ree Drummond had a recipe. i've never tried one of her recipes before, but i keep hearing they're straight up {yea, you guessed it.} amaze-balls. so i was all over it.

 here's my ingredients {minus the chicken}

seasoned two chicken breasts with taco seasoning.
no measurements...just liberally.
grilled those babies on the george foreman.

sauteed some one whole onion and one green bell pepper
seasoned with more taco seasoning.

additional ingredient alert!
we love mushrooms here!

added the chicken {after shredding it}, rotel, black beans, and chicken stock let that baby boil!

30 minutes later...mmmm.

chop chop chop some corn tortillas. they're my fave.

turn off the heat. mix it up.

garnished and ready to NOM.
{cheese, sour cream and cilantro}

love this stuff!
so glad i made enough for tomorrow!

mildly healthy.
easy peasy.
all thanks to the Pioneer Woman!


  1. So did you back the tortillas? Or just ate them soft?

  2. That looks so yummy! I love chicken tortilla soup so I may have to try this one.

  3. Never had tortilla soup of any kind before but I've been wanting to try it for some time now. Looks yummy.


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