my kid.

...because yours doesn't do the cool things he does!

Wanna know why?

so i'm editing pictures and creating cool posts for this ole bloggity blog.
austin is playing contently in the living room
and bella is sitting on my lap
refusing to be put down.

i'm singing along to some music on spotify.
and out of the corner of my eye
i see austin spinning around and then fall down.

i glance over to check on him
and notice he fell on his butt and is laughing.

haha. okay, good- he's not hurt.

then i notice he's naked.

*sigh* not again....

"austin, where is your diaper? bring mommy your diaper"
i call out.
he knows the drill...

he walks over towards the tv and grabs his diaper
and brings it to mommy.

it has poo stains in it.

head...meet desk.

i get up and run over to the area from where he'd grabbed his diaper from.
there's a large turd on the floor. 
and poo smeared on the couch from where he played
after removing aforementioned diaper.

my kid is the coolest.


  1. he gets my vote :)
    plus the fact he's adorable...
    as is miss bella.

  2. also adding your button to my button pages. how did i miss your button? because im lame. obviously.


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