pumpkin patch takeover! part one. {photo overload}

yesterday was a ton of fun. charlie and i both had the day off {rare} and it was kind of warm {rare} so we  bundled up the kidlets and headed out to Schliter Farms off exit 114 to go play in the pumpkin patch. we went last year when austin was 8 months old and i just found out i was pregnant. back then austin just kind of looked around like, "meh, i don't really get it." but this year he was all over the place running around and having fun!

first stop? the petting zoo. it smelled in there.

next stop: to see how tall we are and play in the grass

and then: lots of playing on the hay pyramid thingy.

next up...part two. :)

{it's kinda late and blogger is taking forever to load pics. lol}


  1. Wow, look how big the kiddies have gotten!!

  2. I dont want your daughter to be a split image of your husband. I cant talk though... 8mths for nothing! Anywho, beautiful pictures. :) I'm in the mist of planning a pumpkin patch family trip as we speak.

  3. lol...yea i was for SURE she'd be my twin bc aus was for a long time...nope!! she looks so much like my MIL though. lol


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