Bella is six months old!

holy crap!! my bellalina is six months old!

ok my dear Bellz,
forgive me. it's not that we didn't celebrate your half-birthday. really, we did. we started sampling food all day to see if you were interested aaaaand you hated it. lol but back to the point- i just forgot to blog about it. life is hectic, you see, with two littles..one day you'll understand. but better late than never, right? so here we go...

bella, bella, bella. you are quite possibly THE cutest six month old that has ever graced this earth. no, seriously. your brother...he was cute. but you bellalina are just so darn adorable. i can't even stand it. you had a check up with the gastroenterologist {what a mouthful} at Seattle Children's at the beginning of the month and here are your stats:

weight: 15.5lbs {<1%}
height: 24.02 in {33.6%
head circ: 17.01 in {71.2%}
overall : 93.1 percentile for babies the same age
 and some others:
sleep: all. the. time. you take about 2, sometimes 3 naps a day and sleep really well at night. you wake up probably once or twice but are easily settled with nursing. 
food: still just breastmilk and you've sucked on pieces of apple and plum and have tried some greek yogurt.
demeanor: you are just one laid back lady. you like to watch tv, which is just hilarious to witness. you like watching your brother play and you absolutely love it when he makes you laugh. you're starting to throw mini tantrums, which i don't understand. you'll be nursing and start arching your back like you're mad at the world and all i've found that works is to look you directly in the face and wait for you to finish. anything else just pisses you off more.

you love pretty much everyone. and you give out smiles like they're going out of style. those little dimples in your cheeks can melt even the hardest of hearts. the hair situation is working out. i can see the hair in the back of your head starting to grow in again so that's good. the top portion is growing nicely and you have such beautiful curls. seeing your hair makes me excited to go back to my natural curly hair so we can rock the same style!! :D
you're just starting to really love spending time with your dad. i have to admit, it was pretty rocky there for awhile. you'd cry as soon as he held you, but now when you see him you light up and start cooing and reaching for him. it's adorable. your brother is still your favorite guy in the whole world though. you love playing with him and have started to try playing with his toys. he never shares with you, but you don't stop or get mad. 

well you do sometimes scream at him, which is hilarious. speaking of your screams..you are a silly goose sometimes! you will lay in bed at night and just squeal and scream and holler your little head off. you did it last night and i was rolling in laughter. i called your dad at work so he could hear all that you had to say! it was just great. 
i say it a lot, but you're my beautiful bellz. i'm so lucky to have you in my life and feel incredibly blessed that you're mine. here's a secret- i don't want anymore girls. i just want you and me to be the girls of the family. you, bellz, will forever be my best girl. i love you so so much. you've come so far in the last six months and i can't wait to watch you grow!!



  1. Happy Six Months to Bella!! She looks so much like you. Glad that she's growing and doing well.


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