....so about that.

so about that...yea, that whole week of not posting? can we just kind of forGET it ever happened? let me 'splain myself. see...last week i had class. then when i didn't have class, i cheated on my clean eating and the hubster went to get some burger king for dinner. and about two hours after that, i started having a headache. by the next morning, that headache turned into full on nausea and vomiting. not just me, mind you, Bellz was affected as well. i'm not sure entirely why. but apparently, like seven bk's had recent e coli breakouts. <-----yes, e coli. disGUSTing, right? right.

so someone's poo particles were floating around my gut. saweeeeeet. not.

then i had two shoots i had to postpone and reschedule and get our house ready for a pre-inspection from the housing office. because you know, we move in like less than 30 days now. <-----crap. plus homework from school and all kinds of other stuff with the kiddos, like running on no sleep, and spending saturday night and all day sunday at church, and then taking out my hair....

do you feel bad for me yet? because that's totally the angle i'm going for. lol

in any case, i'll try not to let it happen again. my bad.

in other news: my daughter is now seven months old and i feel old. i took my hair out and am glad i'm braiding it back up this week...i'm already annoyed with it. lol and i feel like crying every day when i realize how close we are to moving away from washington. *sigh*

this is me currently. sexy, right?

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