space to play

we sold our couches the other day since we're about to move. i went back and forth trying to decide if i wanted to sell them or keep them, especially since we bought them brand new earlier this year. the truth was, they were cheaply made so us sitting on them for a year was a ton of abuse for them. and besides, the family who bought them really needed something on a short notice. and if we can bless someone, why not? they'd be sitting in a storage unit for over a year anyway.

and now with them out of the way, BONUS- more space in our living room for A and B to play. now i feel like my living room is a big play room. it's a lot of fun. lol we even moved the air mattress out here too so we can lounge around and watch tv and wrestle and be more comfy than if we had just used the floor. 

eep. 9 days!


Tell me how you REALLY feel. C'mon..just TELLLLLL me. I love your comments.


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