why hello, december.


~why hello, decemburrrrr. thanks for killing my fingers and toes on a daily basis.
~14 days until we move to Texas. and i'm crapping bricks because of it.
~ as per usual, there's that "our baby is 7 months old and now i'm having a pregnancy scare" period.
{btw: AF is 9 days late now}
~i have four more classes before i am officially done with my undergrad career.
~my business has been taking off and i'm sad to leave my clients.
~ i booked my first wedding of 2012!
~i've been failing miserably at blogging and am determined to do better in the new year
~ did i mention we move in two weeks? because i'm scared.
~ i'm gonna miss my church so much when we leave. :(
~ austin turned 21 months. the only new thing he does now is say "GURL! GURL! GURL!"
and he can point out his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly button, booty, and feet.
~ bella turned 7 months and she's still boring. lol she's teething really badly
and using me as a pacifier and nom-ing ring.
~ that husband of mine is getting back to the guy i married. i find myself swooning a lot more.
~my PPD is getting more "manageable". i feel less underwater and more like i'm comfortable treading.
~ where has 2011 gone? it was a stressful year...
~oh, and i got my hurr did again...

miss you. love you.
kiss kiss.


  1. What's ppd? you have so much going on!! are you a wedding photog? i feel like i have to much to catch up on with you and get to know about you! thanks so much for sharing : ) also, why are you moving? congrats on finishing up college! and my hub and i have been working on being more 'us' like we used to be : )

  2. i think you need to go pee on something. preferably a pregnancy test. eep. 3u3! scarrrry.
    and hopefully you have a smooth move. mine was a lot easier than i anticipated.

  3. yay for the move! it'll be great. houston right? its more fun and diverse than where i am in fort worth so no more worrying. you'll love it.....but its cold here in fort worth. not sure about houston right now. i love your new braids! i'm getting micros on tuesday bc i just don't have the time.
    congrats on the ppd getting better. i know how you feel. and that pregnancy scare is not cute. my kids are 12.5 mos apart! my pelvic bones still hurt......and i'm on the SHOT. i'm totally not playing!


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