please baby?

bella is a boob machine. she absolutely loves the boobie milks. and that's awesome. but, honestly .... and can we be honest here? ...i'm feeling really dis-enchanted over it. i'm starting to resent feeding times and night times because she literally will gnaw on me all frickin night. and she eats table food now, but no bottles, no pacis...just mommy when she's upset or thirsty. and i'm losing my mind!!

i'm doing some traveling this next month. first to chicago for The Voice auditions and then to seattle at the end of the month to celebrate maggie's birthday! sooo excited for both of these "mommy-only" trips, but feeding her is my only worry. how in the world will she eat if she refuses to drink anything unless it comes from a boob. 

enter in the tommee tippee®. i saw these babies on babiesrus.com and rushed out this morning to buy them!! hopefully she takes them since they're "closer to nature". lol i'm hoping that the breast/nipple design will trick her into thinking it's me and she'll eat without any issues. 

crossing my fingers!!

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