i'm trying to book my flights for my 
 to seattle....

....and they're in the other room complaining about 
how they're going to deal with Bella and Austin for ONE. NIGHT while i'm gone.

oh, i don't know? just realize that a little planning and prep goes a long way? realize that it's ONE. NIGHT where you MIGHT have to rock the kids back to sleep and get them milk and what not. realize that i honestly just want ONE WEEKEND to myself where i can be surrounded by people who love me and don't make me feel like crap; where i can be free to be just me without having a child strapped to my hip?

and no. i don't want to bring the kids.



  1. first... i dislike anonymous comments. dislike. dont frequent the page if you dont like whats there.

    second... i still want that dress. i know its a weird obsession

    and last. i am married. i have two kids. i can never get away for one night. ever. without it being a HUGE freaking ordeal. were supposed to be super mom all the time. vacation? alone time? whats that?

    i would LOVE one night where i could go hang with friends {or whatever} where i didnt feel guilty.

    just. one. night.

  2. That sucks that one he is complaining about having to take care of HIS kids and two that their own grandmother doesn't want to help out either. They need to realize that having two kids, going through a separation and ppd is a lot. You need and deserve a little bit of alone time. Anyways, have you considered letting the kiddies stay with your mom? Sounds like it would be a better environment for them.

    You won't have to be worried about them being subjected to people talking negatively about you in front of them or wondering if they're being half watched and taken care of. Still praying for you guys.


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