another on motherhood.

let's face it. sometimes being a mom sucks. and let's be real. sometimes being a young, 20-something mom sucks. especially if you have non-mom friends. don't get me wrong, my friends RAWK. but sometimes it's hard to get a good grasp on how exasperated i feel. they can sympathize, but they don't really get it. much like i don't understand how someone feels when they go through "the change" or "mental-pause" as i call it. i know, eventually, i'll understand. but in the here and now? nope. 

in the theme of being real, honest, and open (which is what mommyhood is all about), i'm just going to admit it.

i've hated being a mom the last few days.

love the kiddos. just hate the responsibility. i've been feeling really dark and heavy and moody the last few days and would've been super content to just lay in bed and snack on unhealthy food because that's what i do when i'm feeling depressed. either snack or starve myself, but that's a whole different story. but i couldn't do that. they needed me. and i would just suck it up and be the awesome mommy those kids deserve. but i was secretly feeling resentful of the whole shebang.

then i'd feel bad. like horrid bad. 

then there's days like today.

i woke up earlier than usual and snuggled the babies while they slept. i touched their faces and pulled their curls to watch them bounce back into shape. lol (is that weird?). they woke up and started the morning ritual of climbing all over me and laughing and throwing things and slapping me in the face. (every morning). and all was right with the world.

it's days like today that make all the crappy ones worth it. days when they want nothing but their mama and they don't whine to get it. days where i can run errands and they sleep peacefully in the car while they're dad drives us around. lol..(it's the little things).

i'm just saying, that today.....i'm digging motherhood. 

especially with the world's cutest chublets that belong to me! :D


  1. You do have the cutest littles!! I totally know how you feel. I'm sure every parent does...but motherhood does suck sometimes. The one thing that eats away at me most is when I have to drive everywhere with friends or to meet friends. Why? Because I have a child who needs a car seat. Doesn't every car have seatbelts? LOL. I lost a lot of friends who don't have children. Darn it!! Glad we are still friends though. Hang in there on those days!

  2. You really do have the prettiest little in blog land. For real! She's adorable!

  3. Motherhood is such an emotional roller coaster. Thank God for the amazing days!


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