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sometimes life sucks. sometimes you make decisions that seem really great and then they just don't turn out the way you envisioned them. sometimes that's your fault and sometimes that's at the mercy of others. i really wish the decisions i'd made before weren't coming to bite me in the ass right now, but i guess that's where lessons come from, right? 

the fact is, i'm making decisions now to make life better for myself, austin and bella. that life probably won't seem so great at first, but in the long run...hopefully....i'll see that it was the best thing i could've done with the cards i was dealt. gosh, this life-stuff and being an adult kind of sucks.

and with all THAT out of the way:

today, i was just all kinds of floored at how grown-up my little chub and my dear bellz have gotten. it took a whole three days away from them for me to see that they're not my babies anymore. *sniff*
austin climbed up the ladder at the playground today...ALL ON HIS OWN. up AND down. bella has been using me to stand up and then letting go and waving her arms around until she falls over. i just can't believe these two. it's craaaaaazy. 

i'm not ready to let go of my babies...*sniff sniff*

and here's some pictures from the day...

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  1. They are just growing up so fast! And things will be great for you guys. Fresh starts are sometimes rocky but you've God,family and a whole bunch of friends on your side.


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