"you're so ironic and whatever"

so i'm a musician. really, a vocalist. 
if you didn't know, i got my bachelor's in music (emphasis on vocal jazz performance)
so i kind of consider myself a badass vocalist who knows it all. 
(so not true...but don't tell me that. lol)
so this morning, when the packers called to tell us they were on their way i threw on some clothes and headed over to our storage unit. we cracked that baby open and the first thing i see is my guitar.
so feeling sassy as per usual, i made charlie take a few photos of me. 
and this friends, is my new inspiration for an album cover.
it's going to be an album full of breakup songs and i'm titling it something along the lines of 
Upheaval or Moving On or something lame like that.

gosh, sometimes i disgust even myself for how "weird musician-y" i can get. 
(in other news...i hate moving. bc these moving companies are straight idiots.)

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