what i'm listening to >> COUNTRY MUSIC LIKE WHOA. Current favorites? Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, and Rascal Flatts. 

what i'm watching >> we just got internet so our netflix is back up and running. Lie to Me is a current fave, but i'm wicked excited for my DIRECTV installation on wednesday! :D

thinking about >>  a lot of things. i know that's incredibly vague, but my life is a big jumble of craziness. and i'm not entirely sure how to process it all. at any one time, i'm juggling three things. and those aren't just three tiny things...three MAJOR things. it can be pretty overwhelming at times.

loving >> the crazy amount of confidence that is building up within me. despite the fact that i've gained five pounds {the last two weeks have been HEC.TIC schedule-wise so i've missed my workouts}...i still feel gorgeous. and that makes my confidence sky-rocket.

anticipating >> the break in the clouds.....i can feel it coming.

feeling thankful for >>  the ability to dance in the storm. and i place that whole-heartedly in the hands of my Creator. it's because of Him that i'm still here.

working on >> photo and blog editing. trying to streamline my process so that i don't get overwhelmed trying to continue my business and my personal life at the same time. also? unpacking this dern house. it's just taking too long!

i'm also still writing for my album. i don't think i've put a lot of that info up here on le blog, but i'm recording an album (how 'bout that?) all originals and i'm really excited about it. i'll post more later. :D

eating lots of >>  salmon and tuna in a pouch. have you seen those? they're pretty much amazing. just toss one in your purse, pull on the top and NOMNOMNOM. no can opener needed! the albacore is just perfection. and the smoked salmon? holy get in my face hole! ------>go get some.

wishing >>  i could snap my fingers and make everything the way i want it to be. :D

inspired by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet. 
what are YOU currently all about?

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