i feel so light.

i took out my extensions this week. totally random...got a wild hair up my butt about how horrid my hair was looking and i just called a salon and asked them to take them out and get me started with a new 'do. for those that aren't aware, i've been relaxing my hair for the last 10 years or so. (meaning, i've used chemicals to help get my hair straight). it's not that my hair is impossible to manage, it's that i was never taught how to do it properly with my hair texture. as one of the only people in my immediate family with thick, wavy hair (everyone else's is super thin and curly)...no one really knew what to do with it anyway. soooooo....

during the last trimester of my pregnancy with Bellz, i hadn't relaxed my hair at all. it was getting pretty long thanks to the prenatals and i was enjoying the grow-out process. then it started falling out so i cut it really short. who remembers that hair-style? and then i started braiding it and wearing weaves because it was just too much to deal with. 

and now? all of this hair? is in its' natural state. no more chemicals. WOOT. and it's so different.
my hair is definitely more voluminous and i'm loving it. it's also super duper healthy and i'm trying to be super careful with it. my hair grows fast but it breaks off faster, so i can never really get it too far past my shoulders before i end up having to chop it off because of split ends or breakage.

wow. all of this was to showcase the new 'do. and now i've gotten incredibly wordy. 
in any case, this is over a year's worth of growing my natural hair. i'm excited to see where i'll be in another year. hopefully i'll find the courage to rock some curls here soon. *crosses fingers* we'll see!!

what do you think?

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  1. i love it! my hair is pretty long now too and it is driving me crazy. i see a haircut in my future!

  2. i am pretty sure my comment came up as unknown or anonymous. that was me! i have no idea why that has been happening so frequently lately. Grrr!


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