word vomit

tired. stressed. mind-racing. afraid. new. change. hate. excited. anxious. happy. interested. confused. angry. resigned. defeated. alive. trusting. scared. faith. new chapter. new leaf. new chance. letting go. holding on. in between. unmoving. need a sign. need to pray. a lot. yet nothing at all. juggling. too much. not enough. lethargic. depressed. hopeful. photos. work. music. creating. artistic. brave. yet still scared. over the moon. elated. shy. nervous. originals. gigs. networking. musicians. photography. captured. love. new friends. purpose. hope. family. friends. lovers. heartbreak. freedom. tattoos. self expression. badass. beer. food. fires. scarves. melodies. familiar. cold. expensive. talking. toddlers. new ideas. new words. more communication. less needy. more independent. fun. exhausted. insomnia. melatonin. new best friend. trusty sidekick. pretty girls. character. principle. strong. unrelenting. faith.

...that's all i can manage.
for now...

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