started work today.
love the new place.
love my new coworkers.
loving the prospects put before me.

paid bills today.
also put almost $500 into savings.

now looking at second cars.
and childcare options.
i wish i could just watch them via skype sometimes.

excited about the holidays.
and also ready for them to be over.

why are my neighbors so loud?
all day today it's been random vacuum cleaners, yelling at kids, stomping around, dropping things...
it's ridiculous.
and the neighbor across the hall was yelling at her husband/boyfriend/boo over an avocado.

hmm. what else?
my legs are STILL sore from the workout i did a couple days ago.
fitness to the extreme, y'all.
ready to say bye bye to fattycakes.

and i'm tired. so that's all.

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