Bratty McBraterson

The distance is making me super sensitive. I'm becoming such a brat and I feel HORRIBLE for it. I think it's also due to me being menstrual. I'm considering not starting my BC pills this month. When I'm not taking those dang hormones, I'm so even keeled. Nothing bothers me. But when they're in my system I'm a freaking WRECK!

This morning I woke up after a bad dream. [hello! am i five?!] I really just needed to hear his voice to calm my nerves. [In the dream this guy was following me and he trapped me in an elevator. I kicked his ass and had blood everywhere and he eventually died from the wicked butt kicking. lol] So I call him and he answers and I'm like, "I had a bad dream...I need you." So I'm trying to talk to him and there's NOTHING coming from the other end. I'm getting mad bc it seems like he's preoccupied with the TV.

So I hang up on him.

He calls back and I ignore the call. He KEEPS calling and I ignore them. Then he texts me and I tell him I don't want to talk anymore and I'm going back to bed. He starts sending messages lightning fast and calling me nonstop. He tells me I'm hurting him [which I promised to try not to do.] and he WAS talking but I couldn't hear him. So I feel like a jackass and answer his next phone call. He's like YELLING at me and I'm like, "eek. sorry."Yeaaaaaaa. I need to stop being a brat. lol I'm just glad my man will call me out and try to work things out with me. It makes me realize that he's just as invested as I am.

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