Charlie's BACK in the hospital!!

I can't even handle this.

He texted me while I was going to the coronation ceremony telling me that he was back in the hospital because there was urine in his blood. He went yesterday morning because he had a bad pain in his stomach. He rated it a 7. Then he went back last night because the pain was way worse. It was at a 10. Well now he has the bloody urine. AHHH!

I don't even know what to do. I can't be there. I'm so worried, he's stressed out as well. At first he was chill about the whole thing, but the longer it goes on I can hear him getting scared about his health. The doctors don't know what is going on and they say it's a bit odd and unsual, which sends me into an even bigger panic.

I called him to see how things were and he sounded even more tired and grumpy over the situation. And when someone is down, I typically try to make them laugh. He wasn't really in the mood and he was extremely tired and worried so he was kinda short with me. Of course, sending me into a fit with hurt feelings. I hung up. A little while later, he called and I was still nursing my feelbads. He could pick up on it and asked what was wrong so I told him how I was feeling like he didn't need me or appreciate me trying to help when it was all I could do from where I'm at. He said he couldn't deal with my attitude right then and that I was overreacting. So I told him I didn't want to stress him out and I'd call him later.

He texted me asking me why I was acting that way [bratty, of course]. I re-explained how I was feeling. Then he said he wished he could make me see that I mean the world to him and he wants me to feel loved and appreciated all the time, but it's hard for him right then since he felt bad.
Then I said a few things and he said a few things and we were fighting.


Finally I told him I didn't want to fight anymore.

I'm so stressed out. I never realized how sensitive I am until Charlie came around. I'm just glad that he can put up with me..hopefully for long. I need to work on not letting my emotions get the best of me and get in the way of us.

BLEEEEGH. I'm just worried about my man.

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