I'm in my hometown [Spokane] visiting my family. I haven't been home in a long time, so it's been a lot of fun. Plus, this is my first time being able to go out with my family since I just turned 21 in Sept. lol. So the plan has been to go out all weekend.Last night, we went back to this club, Unos and we brought my 19 year old sister. My entire family [minus one uncle and my grandma] went out and since we knew the owners, we were treated like royalty. lol. In any case...

Early yesterday morning, I called Charlie and he told me he was at the hospital for stomach pain. I was all worried but then he got some medicine and went home and was all good. Well I get a text from him during the night while we're out that he was headed BACK to the hospital and the pain was way worse!! eeek.

I was so distracted the entire night. I couldn't really enjoy myself bc I kept looking at my phone to see if he called or texted an update. BLLLEEEEGH. I was a freaking wreck, but thankfully everyone was too drunk to notice! I guess he's better now. He's at home, we talked for a little bit before bed. I just tried calling but he didn't answer so I guess he's still sleeping.


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