drama IS a *****. it makes me not want to go back in the fall, but i have to! i've already put in 3 years and $40k in loans to not finish my degree. lol

speaking of which...my ma called me today and was asking if i was still bleeding regularly. [a little backstory: i've been on bc and in the last few months, i've been having a period every 2 weeks like clockwork. at first i thought it was bc i started my pills the wrong way and tried to skip a period by starting a new pack but then when i went off and started it again the right way..it just kept doing it...] i told her yes. i'm on my period now and was on it two weeks ago. blegh. soo she said that when i go home this weekend [yayayaya! i haven't been home in AGES!] she'll take me to get checked out and another prescription.

i can't get anymore from planned parenthood because i wasn't born in washington and i need to prove that this is my state of residence. okay- stupid people. i was born in cali but raised in wa for over 17 years now. my address hasn't changed in 17 years, yet...i can't use that as proof of being a resident.


so i told her that i wasn't going to take bc anymore. she was like, "what?! why??" so i told her, jokingly, that i was planning on giving her a grandson. lol. she didn't think it was funny. but then i explained that i don't NEED to take it and that i didn't like the hormones in my body. she suggested the iud...i said sure, but the copper version only. and then i told her about how hard it is trying to have babies after taking bc and she gave me her story about getting pregnant ON bc..blahblahblah. we were going back and forth and she was getting mad at me an ACTUALLY hung up on me!

i'm like, "whaaa?"

apparently, she's worried i'll give her kids too soon. she wants me to finish school and get my career going [bc she didn't..] before i settle. i just wish parents would let their kids make their own choices yk? i've never given my family any trouble whatsoever, i mean..of course i rebelled a bit and did things to get in trouble, but nothing major! i've always been responsible and goal-oriented, so why would i stop now?

sure, i'd love to marry charlie and be a mom but i have to take care of ME first. and that is my number one priority. blegh. i told her i'd take them just so she wouldn't be mad at me. but personally, unless it's a copper IUD...i'm not going to. hormones be damned!

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