I've had THE LONGEST COUPLE OF DAYS! *whew*I'm just glad I can go back to working a regular shift now..no more doubles. Well at least for the rest of the week! Dyare came to visit today! YAYAYAYA! It made my day! [THANKS!!!!] It definitely kept me from going absolutely insane with how busy it was! geeez. I'm super excited for tomorrow's Build-A-Bear-And Assemble-A-Care-Package-Partaaaay! We're making lasagna. Well, I'm sure she's gonna make it and show me how to do it!! lol. It's gonna be FUUUUUN! I wish all the MIG girls could be there! YAYAYAYA!

I feel kinda guilty bc Charlie had a bad day at work and needed to vent. And while I was listening, I just wasn't in the right head space for it, ykwim? Am I a bad gf for that? He's definitely been there when I needed him and I wasn't totally tuning him out..it was just hard for me.

I was being bratty so we got off the phone so he could study and I could do some typing on MIG and the 'space and fb before going home. Meh. I'm exhausted. I have to open tomorrow. But THANK GAWD it's not a double. And I get to go home on Friday! I'm SUPER EXCITED! OH YEAAAAA.That's about it.

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