Dinner With The Skeptics

I really do have the most amazing best friends ever. We're our own little clique and we set trends..like WOAH! They are CONSTANTLY there for me. And I am the same. For anyone I truly consider a friend...I'm there for you. EVEN YOU MIGs!!

Well at dinner the other night, I kept purposely directing the conversation in other directions. It wasn't like I didn't WANT to tell them about Charlie. It's just that I know them. They're VERY quick to judge. And I'm no saint...I judge people too, not harshly though. It's wrong, but *shrugs* I'm working on it. Anyway, I knew they weren't going to approve of how we met. NOR would they approve of how devoted I am at such a young age.Unlike them, I WANT to be married with kids by the time I'm 30. And I mean...I want my kids to be a young, but old enough age by the time I'm 30, yk? So I already knew they'd be skeptics.

So finally, one of them was like...So who is this BOYFRIEND! WHERE DID HE COME FROM. So I told them the whole shebang story and they kinda just sat there. Of course, they're happy for me, but I could see all of the judging in their eyes. One friend who has dated online before mentioned how it's good that you actually get to know someone before you take it to the next level and how they can be totally great relationships, but notice how she's not with anyone she's met online. And they're scared he'll make the army his career. They doubt I'll last with the distance. They're totally doubting it.

It hurts. Really. I want them to feel nothing but excitement for me. These girls aren't like most "friends." They really are there for me. I hate that they doubt it, but I also know that it makes me want to prove it even more that it's real. They ARE excited to meet him and get to know him.

Argh. It just sucks.

Not only that..while at dinner they told me about some of the drama that is ensuing at my school [where I'm taking a year off]. Apparently one of my voice teachers [whom I've studied with for 3 years] ripped one of my posters off her wall and tore it to shreds in front of one of my besties all bc she's mad at me over some kiddie high school drama. Basically there's these damn stupid ass sophomores [remember..i'm a senior!] who try to be me in EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM! It's annoying. And when I pointed it out on MY BLOG ON MY MYSPACE they read it. [looking for trouble]. Then the shit talking starts coming. The teacher feeds on drama and gossip so she's been listening to THEIR side of the story for an entire year, not even BOTHERING to remember who I am and/or call me for my side of the story. I've actually tried to call her but she won't take my calls.

IDK. I was in tears when I called Charlie and he definitely scored major boyfriend-is-awesome points for making me see that it's not worth the tears and the stress.

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