Soldiers and MIG's/Family/BABIES..WHAAAA?

I had SUCH a good time last night hanging out with Dyare! It was nice to talk to someone who UN-DER-STANDS! And of course, the fun doesn't stop there! We're meeting up Thursday for a care-pkg assembly/knitting/Sex and the City session! lol. I'm excited.

Aren't new friends awesome?

Last night, during the game my step-dad called me and was like, "That boyfriend of yours..he doesn't like the Dallas Cowboys does he? Cause if he does, get rid of him! I don't like him." So he really wasn't serious, but him and my uncle have this long standing rivalry. My dad HATES that cowboys whereas my uncle is from TX so he's a DIEHARD, dedicated fanatic. So I get Charlie on 3-way and let my dad do the talking.

Charlie was so nervous, at least it seemed so. He ended EVERY sentence with "Sir" and I can tell my dad was eating it up! My family is HUGE on respect. And after the football interog, he asked him, "So you like my daughter, eh? Well treat her good." That right there told me that he approves so far. And I know if my stepdad likes him, all the other men will too. Now it's onto the women of the family..eeek!

Speaking of family....

He TOTALLY let it slip last night. "I want you to have my children."



And this is a total TMI, but I told him last night that I'm gonna stop taking my BC pills. They just make me too emotional and it's not fair to ANYONE. BESIDES- I don't NEED to take them right now ANYWAY. He told me that he refuses to use protection with me so I better get ready to get knocked up when I go down to TX. lol.

Okay, I'm getting a little carried away with the smilies and the stories. It's time for this chipmunk to go to work and make some money. Which reminds me- I've also decided to put away $20 from tips everyday this week. I'll have saved $100 by the weekend and I can put that all towards going to TX!! That's the plan..I hope I can stick with it.

Oh. And I'm officially on a diet. Anyone care to join me?

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