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Hey Y'all!I hope everyone is having a fantastic evening following a fantastic day! I'm in Battleground, WA with my friend, Sean, chilling at his house with his dad and my dog! So today- we went to my friend, Dave's, wedding. OMGAH! It was so great. A nice surprise, really, because I didn't even KNOW he was in a relationship until I got the invite from him. lol. So yea... the wedding!It was so beautiful. I was worried that it'd be totally stuffy [as some weddings can be] but they did a GREAT job of incorporating their personality into the ceremony. Instead of the groomsmen and bridesmaids coming in together, the men walked in and went to the front two at a time and then the women, one at a time, would come in and "pick their guy" who would then come down the aisle, get down on one knee, and present them with a bouquet of flowers. It was so great! lol. The bridge looked AMAZING and totally inspired me to really work hard at toning up. True, I'm not getting married yet or anytime soon, but STILL. lol.And sitting there listening to everything only made me want to marry Charlie even more. I wish he could've been there with me. Sean is a great date and a great friend, but weddings make me feel romantic. lol. Anyway...6 days. *freak out*

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