We are officially at the one week stretch!! I'm soooo PUMPED! lol. I've decided that it's officially time for the MASTER CLEANSE! No, not the diet, but I'm not going to consume the following:

*junk food
*soda or carbonated sugary beverages*
*fast food [unless it's like subway]
*pastries [sniff]
*alcohol [oh maaan!]
*anything else that's bad, lol

I'm sticking to drinking LOADS of water and juice, healthier options [for example, today I had a vegan trail cookie. It satisfies my sweet tooth and is made up of several delicious and nutritious things found in the environment.], walking as much as possible, and getting as much sleep as I can. I want to shed these last few stomach pounds [mostly bloating and a little water weight] so I feel super sexy when I land in TX.

Yesterday, one of my regular customers asked me if I'd been losing weight because I looked noticeably skinnier. This really made my day!! I'm loving that when I'm not focused on it, it just falls off. lol. So I'm hoping that when I actually make a conscious effort to be a bit more healthier...GREATNESS! lol.

Wish me luccccck.

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