My Post on MIG...enjoyeth.

I love everyone on this site. They've all be super supportive. That's the reason we're here right? Obviously, I wouldn't need to be on here if my civilian lifestyle afforded me a ton of military friends who understood what I was going through. True, some of my friends are in LDRs. Those friends are the ones I can vent to about missing my guy. MIG friends are the ones I can vent to about military stuff like what the heck does THIS mean or is your guy going through the same thing mine is or why can't he call me or how likely is it that he'll be stationed where he requests..etc. ykwim?

it's all depends on your situation. i think military relationships are hard. i think ALL relationships are hard. i think the uncertainty of the military makes it just a bit harder. not much, but a little. ie: when your civilian guy tells you that he's coming over tomorrow night and doesn't show, you know who to blame. if your military guy tells you he's coming home next month and doesn't show, chances are his orders got changed. your civilian guy can apologize and make it up to you by owning up to his word, right? your military guy...not so much. he can apologize, but ultimately...he's owned by the gov't.

yes, we chose this lifestyle. i used to say NEVER EVER WILL I DO IT-but look at me now. know a lot of people have already said this and all..lol but i think we should own our choices. i think we're ENTITLED to moments of weakness, but at the end of the day...we're a different breed of women. this lifestyle isn't for everyone. we're not BETTER, we're just different.

this thought ran through my head as i watched an army commerical [paraphrased from a previous blog entry]. plz don't rag on me for it, it's just how i feel. and you all know i love you MIG's like no other::
it takes a strong woman to love a man. it's takes an even stronger woman to love an army man [not just army though..lol all branches]. relationships are HARD. we're not just strong..we're ARMY strong."

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