I hate the weather and the military


I woke up this morning and saw the WORST THING EVAR!! SNOW. *whimper* I absolutely HATE snow. It's the worst. It's cold and people in Seattle can't drive so they shut the bus system down [only for it to be running normally when I actually don't need it.] It's just horrible. And not only that, I have to move today! *more whimpering*

And tomorrow is the day! I'm excited, nervous, anxious, pumped, crazy, stressed, all kinds of things. But HERE'S why I hate the military. Out of everyone in the ENTIRE hospital, they volunteered him to work this program thing today and tomorrow. I'm not sure what it's for, but they only asked TWO guys and of course it'd be him. Of course it would be. Because I'm coming into town this weekend. So he can't pick me up from the airport tomorrow. He typically gets off work at 4pm and then drives to San Antonio and gets there by like 7:30. My flight lands at 7, so it would've worked out perfectly for him to get me. NOW- the thing doesn't get over until 5pm, but he anticipates not even being able to leave Ft Hood until around 8PM! So he's having his mom pick me up from the airport. And THEN- when I was trying to be optimistic about it and said, "Well at least you can come home this weekend..." he said that he hopes so!!!

Argh. IT SUCKS. I'm going to go insane if I don't get some quality time with my boyfriend. And of course, we didn't get insurance on the flight bc it seemed so unnecessary.


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