The Best Weekend Ever!

Where should I start? Hmm.

Well Thursday night was the worst night of my life pretty much, what with trying to move and get packed before the flight. I slept on the floor of my old apartment for the last time and woke up at 7:00am. Because we thought his mom was picking me up from the airport, I dressed to "impress" the momster. I wore some dark wash denim jeans that I typically wear with heels to avoid too much fraying at the bottom [I'm short!!] and a plain back tee with a high neck line to avoid boobage. [I'm a D-cup!] I left shortly after 8 and dragged my suitcase to the busstop. I managed to get to the airport and through security by 9:45 so I just sat around. My flight didn't leave until 11. I got to talk to Charlie before I got on the plane since he was on a lunch break! [yippee!] And I got several calls from my family bc they were worried [naturally, of course]

When I landed in Denver, Charlie was the first person I called. Apparently, his sgt was in a good mood, or just an overall good guy bc he let them all go early for the weekend! I was freaking ecstatic!! So no more worries on his mom picking me up! He was actually already on his way to SA and to the airport. It takes him 3 hrs to get home so the timing was perfect. While in Denver, my aunt called and I told her that Charlie was in fact picking me up. She wanted to call him and give him the 99 question ordeal before I got there so I gave her his number and I guess they talked while I was in the air!! He said it wasn't too bad and he reassured her that I was in good hands and would be treated like a lady and all that jazz.

So when the pilot announced we were starting our initial decent into SA, THAT'S when I felt the butterflies. I left the plane and then the nervousness hit when I went down the escalator towards baggage claim. It was like, "I know this guy, but I don't KNOW HIM." That's when I got more nervous than excited. ykwim? I called him to see where he was and he was in the wrong terminal!! So while I waited for him, I watched the carousel for the bags. Next thing I know...there's a guy standing next to me in ACUs. [brain thought- oh shit]. I turn and look and it's him. And I got shy.
*smacks forehead* Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not shy..EVER! But this was different. I hugged him and then we kissed. Talk about perfect. If I had ever had any doubt of my feelings for this guy or how long term this could be..all of that went away when we kissed. It was perfect! Then I couldn't even look at him!!! WTF?! I was so freaking shy and nervous, I avoided direct eye contact until we got to the car. lol. But in the car, we had a little makeout sesh... and all was good.

It took us an hour to get to his mom's house. Keep in mind, she's like 15 minutes away from the airport. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. Lol..so he pulled into a high school parking lot and we made out for a little bit. heehee.

At his mom's house, his aunt and uncle [not blood] were there and so was his mom so I felt a bit more nervous about it. But they were so warm and welcoming and accepting it was great. He went for a shower leaving me with his mom in the kitchen [talk about awkward]. It was great. She's so cute and feisty...I love it. She kept asking me questions and was genuinely interested in getting to know me. I felt really comfortable after a few minutes. He came back and we took more pictures and played with the dog. Then we ordered pizza. Crazy Kiranda decided to give the pizza guy her entire lifestory and encourage him to move to Seattle or Portland while they were searching for money for a tip. lol. I'm stupid. We left his mom's around 9:30 and went to the hotel. That was fuuuuuuun.

Let me just put it like this. We got to the room at 10. I showered and got comfy and then from 10:30 to 7am...we both slept for a total of 2hrs. YOU do the math. And sorry for the TMI [look away if you're offended]. But us being together [in THAT way] was like a horse and a chihuahua...yea.
LMAO. I'm STILL in pain. But it's good pain, right?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

*high five*


We decided to get up early so we could take full advantage of the only full day that I'd be in town. We both dressed and went down for breakfast at the hotel then packed our bags and headed back to his mom's. On the agenda first, go gun shopping and to the shooting range. He's been looking to purchase a gun for awhile and had a good tip on a good place to get one so we went there. I, personally, have a distaste for guns. They're just scary. lol. But he loves them so I'll be around them because I love him. lol He tried a bunch out but ended up liking this 9mm made by Ruger. We got the gun and some ammo and headed out to the range. I was supernervous about it bc I'd never shot a gun before, but he's an excellent teacher and we got some good pics AND EVEN VIDEOS of us shooting. We took home our targets and mine is on the wall at my apt! lol. I think I did pretty well given that I'd never even HELD a gun before then. lol.

We went to his ma's house and I met part of his "extended family", his neighbors. One thing I love about TX is that everyone is so dang friendly. We decided we're DEFINITELY moving down there when he's done with the army. lol His mom, Yvonne [neighbor lady] and I had a good time watching and talking about the resident crossdresser, Debbie [or David..lol] and the many pets the family has. Charlie and Leon played around with his new gun. lol

I did a quick outfit change into a pink and white floor length sundress and we went to his grandparents house. I was more nervous to meet them bc Charlie mentioned my nose ring. They're more old school so I was like , "oh shit." lol. My nerves were for no reason! His grandparents are so adorable. His grandpa is retired army [also his inspiration for wanting to enlist!] and kept grilling me on my life and Seattle but after awhile he warmed up to me. His grandma..too cute for words. I got to see more pictures of Charlie when he graduated BCT [ooooh sexeh] and more of his cousins and even met his sister's dog, Nefertiti [Titi for short]. We didn't stay too long and went BACK to his mom's for one more outfit change.

THEN WE WENT DOWNTOWN! Downtown San Antonio is so beautiful. We went to the Riverwalk. It's this man made river that weaves through downtown and is lined with shops and restaurants...its super chic. Yea. It was a lot of fun. We went to the Alamo and took pictures. I guess they were having some sort of festival bc a lot of roads were blocked off. We heard some good music and ate some delicious puffy chicken tacos. Yum yum yum! The only downside of the downtown experience was after a few hours we realized we were lost. Apparently he always gets lost downtown. lol. I tried to use my good sense of direction to get back to the car, but we ended up just getting more lost than before. He started getting irritated bc we were lost and his legs were tired and he HATES getting lost and was mad he left his tomtom in the car. I, on the other hand, felt irritated at being lost but was trying to look on the bright side. I was in a beautiful city with the man I love...it didn't matter to me. I started getting pouty bc I felt he was being too serious despite the good parts of the situation. By the time we got to the car, I wouldn't hold his hand and kept walking behind him rather than with him. In the car, he leaned over and asked me what was wrong. I told him and we talked about it. He told me that he WANTS me to call him out on things and that he was sorry about being impatient and angry. I was still pouty until he leaned over and was like, "you know you can't stay mad at me for long." Then we kissed more and held each others hands. Then he said, "When I get to Seattle, I'm gonna marry you."
LOL. Seriously. I'm the kind of girl who you can't just SAY those things to if you don't mean them. lol.

We left downtown and headed to his ma's house again. His friend Nick came over and we watched the most hilarious videos of him and Charlie doing random things like dancing and talking to the camera. He's pretty much a male version of me. lol. The next door neighbors had barbecued some food, so all of us went over and ate. OH. MAH. GAAAAAAAH it was soooo delicious. I think the funniest part was when his mom and I both wanted bud light. lol IDK why it's the funniest part, but it was. I'm glad that she likes the same beer I do..not many people do. lol After dinner we left to go meet up with Nick and his kinda-sorta gf to go see Taken at the movies. GOOD MOVIE. Again- I love that Charlie is the kind of guy who comments during the movie. Because I do. Just more reasons why I love that guy.

We left the movie and had plans to do some drinking at his mom's house, but never actually went to get more alcohol. On the drive home, we rocked out to, i think Godsmack. Can I just say...I love Charlie for being a dork like me. lol At his ma's, we just watched more movies and him and I made out a bit more getting ourselves all riled up. lol. That's when he decided we were going to get another hotel instead of just sleeping in his room like we'd initially planned. lol. We checked into the hotel around 11 and watched SNL before passing out. I woke up at 12:30 and hopped in the shower and put on some sexy lingerie. He was out like a light when I came back in the room so I was just going to go to bed and let him discover my outfit during the night. lol. I moved to turn off the light and he woke up and made this weird noise when he saw my outfit. LMAO. I'm sure you can guess what happened next.

We woke up and brought the breakfast back to our room and decided to sleep in until time to check out. We slept, showered [together. I cried...] checked out and went to his mom's house. I was sewing his blanket when I realized we were home alone and not taking advantage of it. lol. So I yelled out, "babe! Why aren't we making out?" lol. Our makeout sesh definitely turned more x-rated. We heard the doorbell ring and I ran to the bathroom since I knew it was his mom. I tried to fix my hair, but yeaaaaa...I'm sure she knew. I finished his blanket and then we cuddled on the couch and took pictures.

I hadn't finished his hat like I planned so I was trying to finish it but I lost the needle so we went to walmart to buy a new one. We got back and I tried to put it all together, but I messed up and ended up pulling out my yarn and dismantling the hat so I started crying. He held me and told me it was okay and that I could make him another one for when he gets here. Yea..I was a wreck. I know, in hindsight, that I was really crying bc I knew I had to leave soon and didn't want to. lol. His mom cooked up a great dinner for us before we went to his grandparents house to say byebye.

Funny story: His grandma asked if I wanted some of her meatloaf for the road and I said sure. Who am I to turn down good food, yk? So Charlie gets up to make a plate and he tells them I can just eat it there. [UH..HELLO?! Didn't you just see me eat an ENTIRE plate of food your mom made earlier..PUNK! I was burning holes into the back of his head..lol] I couldn't say no so I had to sit there and stuff myself. It was horrible, but so delicious. His grandma packed me some grapes for the plane and his grandpa hugged me [BIG DEAL!] and we were off.

We went back to his mom's and she took some pictures of us. It was funny..we were totally dragging on getting to the airport. Any excuse we could find to not go there we did. lol Once we did leave, we sat in the car for a few minutes just kissing and then at the security gate, we held each other and I cried a bit before we finally parted. I cried all the way to the plane and to my seat. I caved and decided to purchase the DirecTV programming that Frontier offered. I just knew I couldn't make the whole journey without something to distract me from leaving.

After he left the airport, he told me he sat and cried for a little bit and got the affirmation that his whole family liked me a lot. Then at base he was looking through the pictures from our weekend. lol.

*sigh* I had such a great time. I love him so much more than I could've ever thought possible. More than I've ever thought I could love another human being. He's perfect in every way. Not saying he doesn't have faults, but that they're all things that make me love him..things I can deal with and learn to adjust to.

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