aaaaaaaand just as soon as i posted that...

i no longer hate the army. just the stupid people put in charge of my boyfriend.

okay. so charlie has been super stressed the last week since i made that stupid comment about his leave getting denied. well lo and behold, the dumbasses had YET to sign his form a week later. charlie has pretty much been a stress case when it comes to work. i don't even ask him how his day was anymore bc he goes on a mini rant about the asshats who won't sign his form.

he calls me saying that they messed up his leave so he couldn't leave ft hood until the 26th. so i can tell he's on the verge of snapping so i try to stay positive on the phone. he hangs up really quickly bc he has to go back to work, cue my freak out. i'm a planner, so to not have any idea of what to do in san antonio for two days....yeaaaaaa. AND no one would be able to get me from the airport for a few hours so i'd be milling around there for like 4 or 5 hours until his ma got off work and THEN what? lol. yeaaaa.

just as i post that last entry, he calls back. i guess he talked to his supervisor and is all cleared to leave on the 24th.sooooooo. yah. all good.

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