A Little Prayer Goes A Long Way...

While I was at the salon today, Charlie called with good news: He only has two things left to do then he's done with outprocessing.

*happy dance*

I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief. Apparently he just needs to clean out his barracks room and get a signature from his 1st Sgt and he's clear to leave on the 24th! This means----no two days in san antonio w/o charlie!! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be in San Antonio, but what in the world would I do without him being there and while his ma is at work? Play with Floyd? lol. I wouldn't have a car, unless his grandpa let me borrow Charlie's old car [highly unlikely] and even if I DID get the car I wouldn't know my way around. I have GPS, but still...

I'm seriously overjoyed. And even though we're both being brats right now, I know it's all going to be okay come next week. Once he's done with Ft Hood and all of their bs and once I am able to be there with him...we'll be okay.

This morning he called me starting in early with his rants on how much he hates everyone there and I told him to pray about it. A few days ago, he was so frustrated and when I told him to ask God for some guidance and strength he told me he didn't have time to pray. *insert dumbfounded, open mouth look at the phone* whaaa? Excuse me? Well I guess GOD has no time to HELP YOU then. pssh. After calmly expressing how a prayer doesn't require much effort on his part, he told me to hold on and started praying in his car. When he got back on the line, I could tell he was feeling defeated so I asked if he wanted me to pray with him on the phone. He said yes. So I said a prayer for him and for us and for the people he works for and with to do their job. So anyway..this morning I told him to pray about it again and to my surprise *personal victory high five with God* he started praying with me over the phone.

lol. Pretty sure I got all wide-eyed, head-over-heels infatuated when he did this.

oh yeaaaaaa. 5 days!

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