Out-Processing SUCKS.

I never really understood how asshat-y the military was until I started dating Charlie. Gosh, they're retarded. I don't like how civilians that work for the military think it's okay to treat him like crap just because he's an E-3. I know every enlisted person has to work up in rank and all but geez. I can understand other military personnel doing it, but not people that aren't IN. Does that make sense?

In any case, it's making my future husband a real ass. I love him dearly and I want nothing more than to hear his voice and be there, but everytime I call him he starts bitching and complaining. Now, I believe in being there for your man and I love being the one who gets to hear about his day, but I think I'm a bit too sensitive right now to have him venting to me. It's starting to feel like he's mad at me. I know that's not the case, but it feels like he has little patience with me and is more inclined to not take my feelings into consideration before he speaks.

Today was the first day that I turned off my phone when we hung up with each other. I've NEVER done that before. He called while I was on the bus and I couldn't speak loud enough for him to hear [I don't like being THAT person on the bus]. He was bit impatient so I asked if he was with someone. He said yes, and that him and his friend were going to Austin for South by Southwest. So I replied, "oh, that explains why you're being that way". Then he gets a bit offended and starts asking what I meant by that. I told him that I hadn't eaten so I was a bit more easily frustrated with a situation than normal. I was a bit annoyed that he was on the phone with me and hanging with his friend and told him it was rude. Then he's telling me IN FRONT OF HIS FRIEND that he didn't think it was a problem, blah blah blah..making me feel like the whiny girlfriend so I told him that I didn't WANT to be that girl. Then he said don't be then. So I said goodbye, hungup and turned off my phone.

He's tried calling me back since then and the last time we talked I was depositing money at the bank and again, didn't want to be THAT person. So I called him when I left and he didn't answer. *slams head on wall* Everytime I've called him today he doesn't answer. I took a birth control pill roughly 30 minutes ago so I KNOW that my estrogen level has spiked and I'm just being a bitch, but I'm PISSED. So I start texting him to tell him off for not answering for the umpteenth time today and he calls me. I can tell he's at the damn festival so I scream, "wtf?! why is it that when i call you never answer, but then you call at the most horrible moments?" he says he's sorry then he hangs up.


I know I'm just overreacting and being bitchy and I totally blame the hormones on this. If the stupid clinic would just realize that I've been a washington state resident for 17 years they'd have put in my IUD then I could stop being such a basketcase and not worry about getting preggers for at least 5 years [though we're probably going to have kids in 2-3 years].


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