Update from the road...

So we're in Wyoming. It's a pretty boring state. I guess it's just the snow being everywhere and it being mildly cold. I say mildly because I'm in the car. I'm hating life right now. I've been in this cramped sitting position for hours and it feels like we're never getting closer to Seattle. 

After a lot of awkward moments and lots of explaining and questioning, we changed our route to the one my dad suggested. I have to say, though it has the most desolate view, it does feel like we're actually making progress. Today alone we drove all the way through Colorado and into Wyoming. Keep in mind we left New Mexico this morning. 

I have discovered a lot of things about Charlie during this roadtrip. One in particular is very trying, but I'm so blessed to have a man who communicates very well. When he's tired, he gets a bit bratty and spoiled. I'm not discounting him being tired...he HAS been driving all of this way alone. I can't help because I can't drive a stick shift. :[ I just hate his attitude when he's tired. lol. For example: he didn't want to stay at a specific hotel just because it wasn't a "nicer" one. Keep in mind, we're gonna go in, shower, sleep, wake up, shower, and drive. And no, it's not a 4 star hotel, but it's not a motel either. It's a Comfort Inn. *sigh*

I've found the best way to deal with it is to ignore him, get to the room, set up all our electronics to charge, and talk with him before we shower for bed.  He's really responsive and open to hearing what he's doing "wrong". And at the same time, I know it might be me as well so I like him to tell me if I'm just being a brat. 

Love is good. Wyoming sucks. Anticipate arriving in Spokane tomorrow night. :]


  1. Thats so exciting!! sounds like you have found a keeper!! I am sooo happy for you! Love ya!

  2. you have been tagged


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