It's Hard to Let Him Go..

We've been married for three days now. I can't believe it at times. I look over at him and have to pinch myself. lol. So far, married life feels just like we were when we were dating, except I feel more confident...is that the right word? It's more like, no matter what happens, I know that my husband is in my corner - right there to support me. I've never felt that before.

We got married on the most beautiful day. Mother Nature was definitely working in our favor. It was a sunny, beautifully warm day in the Pacific Northwest. You know the kind that makes all of the winter drear worth it? I had to work in the morning :[ but I had a good time. I could tell I was glowing. Both of us wrote letters to our future children about how we felt on that day. Talk about romantic. *swoon* Afterwards, we picked up his suit from the dry cleaners, went home and packed an overnight bag, went to get my nails done at the nail salon [I'd broken three that morning] and then chowed down before picking up Theresa and heading down to the courthouse. We were married by a very amazing judge in a library setting with Mt. Rainier and the downtown and waterfront setting behind us. The sun was setting and casting a warm glow on the two of us as we exchanged vows and promised to love each other for the rest of our lives. It was truly amazing. Surprisingly, I didn't cry. Charlie teared up a bit which made my eyes water some, but I was able to steady my voice and maintain my composure while I whispered those words with confidence and love solely for him.

Our first day of marriage started with my waking up to his snoring. lol. The kind of snoring only a wife could love. We laid in bed and were completely and totally lazy until time came to check out of the beautiful hotel we were staying in. We went to Greenlake and had a picnic with Princess. Of course, that day would be when we got into an argument. [already!??! lol] We were at Safeway buying picnic essentials when he realized he left his wallet at home. Typically no problem, except he had my debit card in it!! So we had to go back home after the lady had just finished ringing us up and bagging all of our groceries. In true C&K fashion, we ranted then talked it out and got to the root of the problem. Greenlake was amazing. We laid out and took a few naps under the sun while we let Princess run around. I had her leash around my ankle so she couldn't get too far! lol.

Today he reports in at Ft Lewis. I can't believe his leave is already over. :[ It sucks. I was just getting used to having him here at all times. I'm glad he's here in WA and only a 45 min drive and not 2000 miles and an expensive plane ticket away. lol. I know I can ease into the distance again this time because he goes in tonight, but is coming back to me tomorrow night. Thank God for the weekend. lol.

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