So Much Going On...

OMGAAAAH ladies. Soo much has gone on.

Charlie and I are doing great since our MAJOR argument the other night. If you didn't know, read about it in the relationship section. OMGAH it was HORRID. I'm kind of regretting posting it there now. I was reading this post on a christian military wives forum and one of the ten ways to keep your marriage on the right track was to only tell God about your problems rather than friends and family. For the most part, I've been pretty successful with that, but the other night I had a weak moment. :[ The reason you're not supposed to tell others is because your marriage will eventually get better and you'll move on from your problems, whereas your friends and family won't forget those problems and it'll just be toxic. Anyway...I just don't want anyone to think less of him or I or us as a couple. It shouldn't matter to me, but I love all of you Miggies so your opinion matters on a certain level. lol

Anyway. Things ARE great. We're not TTC anymore. I've stopped charting and taking prenatal vitamins. I realized those vitamins were making me sick. All of those extra nutrients in my system..no good. lol. We both want one, but our relationship needs some work right now. Not only that, but we were wresting/tickling each other and I stopped and gazed at him with all the adoration and love that I possess [really..it was a good moment] and said, "Isn't this nice? No screaming baby? Just you and I being loud and goofy and being able to just do what we want." lol. We both agreed that if it happens, that's great and we're ready for it, but we're not going to try. We're just going to enjoy being MR & MRS and continue to work on US.

sigh. Doesn't mean I'm not craving a baby though. lol. buuuuuut I get to drink beer again. HAHAHA. I've had soo many in the last few days.

Hmm. I'm trying to upload a picture if the delicious pork chops I made last night. Seriously. They were amazing. I love that Charlie lets me experiment. I've always enjoyed cooking but never really got to do too much of it before. I'd never made porkchops before, but was really craving it so I made them. Delish. Yea, but my stupid camera cord isn't working now. So maybe later.

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