A Fresh Start..

Goooood Morning!

I'm being SUCH a lazy bum today. It's my day off so I slept in until like 9:30 then I've been on the computer for the last hour and a half just updating myself on MIG and myspace and fb and all that jazz. I really should get off the comp seeing as how Charlie is going to be coming home in like 15 minutes and I told him I'd have a hot lunch waiting for him [on the menu: soup and sandwiches. yum]. Princess is TOTALLY helping me be a lazy bum too. She's not moving from her comfy spot under the covers. lol.

So I've been reading about how everyone is making progress with their diets and workouts and it makes me feel like a dirtbag. lol. I've seen my own body lately and it makes me want to cry. I've just gotten plain ole' lazy. It's really sad. I don't want to be one of those wives that just lets themselves go because they have a husband and the chase is off. I want my husband to look at me and still feel that surge he felt the first time, yk? So I called 24hr fitness and am switching my membership over to the Lakewood gym! I'm excited. I checked my account and I have enough cash to cover the switch. Awesome. I'm also done with the junk food. Realistically..we've made Sunday our indulge day. It's kind of easy to eat healthy since I've been cooking everyday. But it's those days I get lazy, yk?

I'm going to sign off now so I can get lunch started. I'll pick back up when he goes back to work. Tata for now!

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