Yeaaa Buddy

Today was MUCH smoother than monday. lol. We got there a bit early, went to McDonald's for breakfast then went to Madigan. He had some stuff to do so I just sat in the car, updated a few online pages and then proceeded to pass out in the passenger seat. I'm pretty sure I looked dead to a bunch of people.

After an hour [what a quick visit!], we went over to DEERS. I think it took all of fifteen minutes to get my ID. I sent a picture to some of you ladies who I have in my phone. lol. SCHWEEEEET. Then we went to finance, then housing and we were DONE. Well, not really...we still have to go to TriCare and we're gonna do that tomorrow. After taking care of business, we went to the PX. I was in homemaker heaven!!! We walked around and talked about how we wanted to decorate and garden and stuff like that. Good times. 

Then we went apt hunting. At housing they suggested this place in Lakewood so we headed straight over there. Immediately, we loved it. I'm the kind of person who doesn't need to see anything else once I love a place. We sat and talked with the girl for over 3hrs!!! She's a former military wife and she has a four year old son so when she heard we were TTC...yeaaaa. Two chatty cathys make for a really bored Charlie. lol THEEEEENNNNN she mentioned she was from the same town that he's from. lol It was an all around good time. We finally left to get food. My body hurt from not eating and talking too much. I think today was successful.

Downside: We're both super nervous about not getting the place. A while back I lived in a 1bd apt where my dad was paying the rent. He's a TOTAL DOUCHE and would ALWAYS pay rent late, resulting in $150 late fees. I paid rent every month but it would accrue the late fee bc it was paid after the 5th. Well four months later, they sent me a notice saying I was being sued for owing them $600 in late fees. I moved out a week later and responded to the letter that I acknowledge that I owe them, I explained WHY I owed them and that I had moved out into another place. Etc Etc. Sooo I'm worried that it's going to reflect negatively on ME therefore not allowing us to move in together. IDK. Im gonna call the girl tomorrow.. we DID chat for a long time today and I'm hoping she'll either make a deal and work with us [since this situation won't happen again seeing as how I can ACTUALLY pay the rent with my paycheck alone, ykwim and my dad is TOTALLY out of the picture.] or she'll shoot straight and tell us it won't work with both of us being there. In that instance, Charlie can just move in by himself and we can go back to the original arrangement of us living in two different places like we'd planned on doing when he first moved here. 

I really want to live with my husband and I'll be SUPER pissed if my dad's *******-ness will prevent that. AAAARGH.

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