Goood Goooood.

LOL we went out to the apartment and the lady told me that the only thing they'd pull on me I my criminal record since I'm his wife. Whew! Good good. LOL she's gonna give us the final yes or no hopefully on Monday at the earliest but if not then on Tuesday. And we'll be able to move in that same day! I'm excited!!! Keep those fingers crossed y'all!!

And in baby land, my opk came up negative but according to fertilityfriends i'm fertile. Idk. Is that normal??? Blegh. We're thinking of doing a blood test this Monday. There's just so much confusion and I keep FEELING pregnant. This sucks just not knowing for sure. In any case.... work sucks and I'm ready for a day at the park with my puppy and my hubby.

Congrats to newlywedded Heleen!!!! Woo!!!!

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