IKEA Is For HomeMakers...

Happy Sunday everyone!! Today Seattle is in the upper 60s almost 70s. WHAAAA?! It's pretty fantastic. We're currently headed out to IKEA to purchase a 60pc flatware set that's on sale only for today!!! lol. I saw the ad in the paper while at work and I was like foaming at the mouth. I want to be the ultimate homemaker. So far, so good. 

We've yet to hear back from the apartment people, but it IS a sunday. :[ I really need to work on my patience because I'm just super anxious to start moving. I don't work until 6pm tomorrow so if we get the okay tomorrow we can get a lot moved before I go to work. I'm not sure which is better: should we slowly move things in all week or wait until my day off [Thursday] to do it all? We have to rent a truck so yeaaa.

Well...I'm gonna go. We're rocking out in the car and after IKEA we're gonna get some chinese and get princess and go to the park!! We're bringing a video camera so we can make home movies. hahaha. Cheesy.

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