We got the place!! The most amazing place! It's sooo fantastic! I'm so excited.

My roommates on the other hand are being the douchey. I sent them a text last night explaining why I was moving out. They sent one a while later saying Congrats but they needed to talk to me without Charlie being there.

WHA?! Last time I checked he's my husband. Get over whatever fear you have of him and say it. If you have something to tell me, you should be able to tell my husband.

In any case, if they come up with some bogus bullsh*t, they'll be up a creek. May 1st will come and they'll be short on rent. Ya feel me? Oh and they actually told me that I need to pay a pet deposit because their initial deposit wouldn't cover all of the carpet damage. Last time I checked, Princess has peed on your carpet all of TWICE and it didn't leave a stain AT ALL because we got it in time. She's pooped a few more times, but again NO STAINS! All of the damage to your carpets has been from all of your EXCESSIVE drinking parties and stupid spoiled college kids who live on mommy and daddy's money. This was all in place before my dog got here. You didn't ask for a deposit when I moved in, you SURE AS HELL won't get one when I move out.

Like I said, if they come out of left field with some bull wanting extra money or complaining that my HUSBAND is here like they knew he would be.....no rent for them..more money for us!

Enough ranting, we're movign into our apartment today. I managed to get the rest of the week off so that I can get completely moved in and set up in our new place. And Charlie goes back to work on Monday...*sniff*

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