Mother's Day

Yesterday was a great day. Charlie woke me up by asking what I wanted for breakfast. I'm not too terribly fussy with breakfast so I asked for cereal and cranberry juice. We made our phone calls that we had to make. Of course, my family made it a bit harder to be happy. My grandmother made a statement that offended me. [Of course you love him, you love anyone that loves you back.] I think that's a bit odd seeing as how Charlie is the FIRST and ONLY guy to ever love me back. He was also the first one to say the L-word..so THERE! :P And then when I mentioned how I was considering going to PIMA Medical Institute for the Dental Assistant program to my mom, she simply said [in that oh so rude way of hers...] "It doesn't matter what I think." You're RIGHT. It doesn't! That's exactly why I asked...*eye roll* Whatever.

Determined to not let that get my day off to a horrible start, we resigned to getting up and moving around. The day was supposed to be pretty nice so we decided a picnic with the whole family was in order. Opting to pack a lunch this time [last time, we had taco bell!], we needed more cheese and other ingredients to complete our lunch box! We went to the store bought a few things [they even had some seafood on SUPERsale so we decided to shell out the extra $$ for it. that was my mother's day present! lol] and headed home [not before Charlie almost lost his debit card at the checkout stand..*shakes head*]. I cleaned the house while Charlie made our lunch and we leashed up Princess and were off!

Then we dropped Princess off and decided to go see Star Trek. I'm not really a big Trekkie, but I do like the show. And I figured the CGI effects would be awesome. Let me tell you...GREAT MOVIE! I HIGHLY recommend it. After the movie ,we came home and I started cooking our feast while Charlie worked on the dining room chairs. The chairs were super hard to put together, but after RE-reading the directions, I figured out that he'd tightened the bolts too tightly before which didn't allow for any room for everything the fit in it. It's hard to explain, but after we went over that bump in the road...the chairs were SIMPLE to put together.

After assembling only two of them, dinner was ready so we ate that. OMGAAAAAH. I'll have to upload pictures of our seafood feast. yummer. *licks lips* Then we settled on the couch to watch Army Wives. I've already started to DVR the show!! It's sooo good. Definitely my new obsession!

Wellll..I have to go if I want to catch this bus in time. Woo. Yesterday was a good day!

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