groggy morning.

Last night sleeping was sooo rough. I kept wakin up with an allergy attack. Blegh. Not cool. Around 4am, Charlie got me some Tylenol PM to help me sleep. I wanted to get up and cook breakfast for him, but I was OUT! lol. Four hours later, I'm still groggy. I'm hoping that I can shake it off.

I'm going to PIMA to tour the building and talk about fin aid and all that good stuff. I'd really like to get into the program. Hopefully I'll also be able to do the placement exam too. AHH I'm super nervous about that one though. Theresa tells me it's super easy and that she hasn't done math since 2002 or something like that so I should do fine. But I'm still nervous. I go to a music school...I purposely stopped doing math in my sophomore year because it wasn't fun anymore.

In any case, after that- I'm going to come home. Hopefully it'll be around the time that Charlie gets out of Madigan. Then I'm going to suggest we go to the commissary. We ran out of my favorite juice and I know he's been eating my cereal [ggrrrrr!].

Weeeeelllll...here we go! Gotta get a move on. Judge Joe Mathis is HILARIOUS today! LOL.

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