Garlic Triscuits.

man oh man how i love these things! i had almost forgotten how much my tastebuds enjoy the taste of them and the stupid little dance i do whenever i munch on them. i'm eating them from the box now. i must put them away before i gobble the entire thing up!

TMI: I came home to explosive diarrhea yet again. this time, on the blanket in her cage. *sigh* i don't know what's wrong with her, but something is DEFINITELY upsetting her stomach. she's just miserable. she lies in her cage and doesn't whimper at all. and she has that sad look in her eyes. poor baby.


i'm trying out the menu planning thing. i got the idea from Veronica and it seems to have a positive effect so i thought, "why not?". well little did i know, it's not as easy as i thought it would be. but i tried. i was looking at the sales and the coupons that i had and i put together some sort of menu. check it out. i did a menu for two weeks seeing as how our groceries would need to last us until charlie gets paid again. the bolded parts are when my parents are coming to visit.

16- dinner at alisa's [surprise!]
17- grilled chicken, garlic green beans, brown rice
18- tilapia, red potatoes, broccoli
19- mariner's game [no dinner necessary!]
20- chicken, rice, broccoli casserole
21- teriyaki chicken stir-fry
22- steak, mashed potatoes
23- chicken fajitas, brown rice
24- spaghetti
25- baked potato soup
26- spaghetti leftovers [work really late!]
27 - chicken and dumplings
28- veggie lasagna
29- baked porkchops, w/ sauteed onions and mushrooms
30- chicken and broccoli pasta

i know i put a lot of chicken in there. lol. we bought a ton of chicken and still have some left over. it's the simplest thing and fast to cook on those days when he's too tired and hungry to wait for food and i'm too tired to cook anything wickedly awesome. i know we spent a lot of money and had i looked a bit harder i probably could've found some really cool deals. i'm making it my goal to lower the amount each time we go shopping.

goals we met this week: not buying so many processed foods [snack stuff and prepared dinners] and making my first two-week menu. yay.

okay. well i'm going to take a nap. exhaustion isn't fun. late kids.

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  1. Hmmm! not a bad idea! I might have to make a menu lol!


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