Great Weekend

I think I've tackled my first taste of nausea. On Sunday, after waking up to Princess' explosive diarrhea on my pillow [thaaaaanks] Charlie and I cleaned a bit and then left for church. We came home and were STARVING so he set about making lunch. I couldn't wait because I was so hungry it hurt so I ate a small bowl of cereal. Fifteen minutes later, I was curled into a ball with a sick feeling. Instead of adding a sandwich as planned, I ate some soup and then proceeded to CRASH OUT. lol. I know that sleepiness is common during the first and third trimester, but I hope I don't become a lazy bum who just sleeps all day. This weekend I was such a bump on a log. Thank God Charlie is such an amazing husband. He just picks up and goes for things nowadays. He's been cleaning and cooking and doing such a great job around the house. Loving it.

We found the most perfect church!! It's pretty much everything I've envisioned what I wanted in a church since I took an active interest and role in my Christianity. More TEACHING rather than PREACHING. There are two services. The first one has more older folk in it and the second one [the one we attended] is more the younger crowd, more military families. We happened to arrive half an hour early for service so we sat outside the sanctuary reading the bulletin. Several people came over and introduced themselves. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, it immediately felt like home. Charlie, who didn't want to go at first, was surprised and happy to have been there. The best part is that even when he has to work, I can still go to church. It's just down the street from our house and the bus that comes right by my house goes by it! YAY!

We're starting to implement a new, more efficient budget. I've yet to finish TTMM, but I've asked Charlie to give me full control of our finances for 3 months starting in July. If at the end of those three months we haven't seen a definite change, then he can do things his way. I'm so glad he's willing to work with me on this. I've been praying that he'd allow me to. We realized that our lease is up in Oct and we'd like to upgrade to a 2bd so we can have a room for all of the babystuff and also have some place for our families to stay when they come visit once the baby is born. As of now, the price for those is $100 more than our rent now. He started getting stressed out about it, but I asked him to have some faith and just trust that God will provide for us.

Things are really looking up. I'm not going to PIMA right away. Maybe sometime down the line. I am going to go back to Cornish though. Part of me is excited to get it done, but another part of me doesn't want the added stress. Oh well. In any case, life is good. Love is great. I can't believe we're starting a family. [insert freak out!] I've got to get to work now.


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